Integrate Free WiFi with your Local Marketing to

Increase Sales and Customer Loyalty


Understand customer behavior and increase sales with WiFi-Loyalty from Troglo

Your customers connect to Free WiFi. It is the most effective way you can learn about their behavior engage them on their mobile devices.


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Customer insight, targeted marketing
and Business Intelligence everywhere customers connect to WiFi


Gain insight

Learn more about customer behavior, loyalty and purchasing patterns.  

Engage Your Customers

Engage your customers and create lasting emotional connections with your brand.  

Measure Success

Measure the effect your marketing has on sales and customer loyalty. 


Gain insight into customer loyalty

Analyse customer behavior to identify new opportunities

Insight into customer behavior and ultimately how loyal they are to your business is key to sales growth.  With Troglo you will understand how important loyal customers are, who they are and what motives them to comeback. Based on this we help you build targeted messages to customers based on their customer loyalty.

Customer changes behavior over time, and behavior differs based on time of year, weather, geography and many, many other factors.  Troglo helps you measure how well you convert customers from casual visitors to loyal followers and and the impact this will have on sales and profits.

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Increase Check Size

70% of impulse decisions are influenced by in-store marketing

Present customers with relevant news, promotions or messages when they connect to WiFi is a very effective way to increase check or purchase size. Troglo is installed in over 60 Original Joe’s restaurants in Canada, and in-store marketing on WiFi has a 70% higher conversion rate than other forms of in-store marketing.

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Customer Loyalty Insights

Introducing OpsAlert 

Exceptional customer experiences is the best tool we have to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty. The opposite is true for poor customer experiences – it tends to accelerate the rate at which we lose customers. Troglo OpsAlert analyses changes in visit rates from both loyal and casual customers. This allows you to identify previously hidden operational problems and growth opportunities based on location in order to reduce costs, turn sales around quicker and capitalize faster on local growth opportunities.

OpsAlert integrates data from multiple sources to provide you deep and real time intelligence about your business, including how changes in customer loyalty drives sales.

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Boost New Customer Acquisition

With Troglo you can reach new, local and loyal customers on Facebook. 

Troglo’s WiFi solution detects your most loyal followers and helps you identify new customers that fits this profile on Facebook. It is highly cost effective, easy to use, and allows you get more of those high value customers that will turn into loyalty followers and share their positive experience with friends and family.

  • Send personalized messages to high value new customers before they visit your store(s)
  • Track the return on your social media campaigns
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Convert casual customers into loyal followers

Identify casual customers and send them incentives to come back on email

Visits from customers are less vulnerable to economic conditions, weather and seasons. In other words, each visit from a casual customer presents an opportunity to build a stronger foundation and increase customer loyalty. A casual customer visits and connects to your WiFi network.

Troglo automatically detects casual customers and presents them with your personalized message. Maybe you offer them a free appetizer or 10% of their purchases next time they visit or shop in exchange for their email address? You can now follow up on email to ensure they visit you sooner and more often in the future. It is easy to use, localized and email remains the most effective communication tool for retailers and restaurants.

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  • The service has worked really well. It is easy to use and Troglo’s support has been great.

    Michael Harvey, Head of Operations, Transcend Coffee
  • Troglo has really helped us connect with our customers.

    Joshua Marshall, Store Manager, Intelligentsia Coffee



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