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What is Troglo?

What is Troglo?

Generate Higher Customer Revisit Rates and Increase Average Check Size

40% of your daily customers connect to free WiFi. Leverage this to identify trends in loyalty, set goals and build customer profiles. Personalize your messaging and track local conversions, and finally target customers in mobile and social media based on their last visit. 

Get Results

With Troglo as your guest WiFi solution you will increase customer loyalty and sales.

Your Benefits

Troglo is a restaurant marketing solution that leverage data from free WiFi help you improve local marketing and increase your same store sales.

Targeted Marketing

Reach  customers with targeted local and in-store messaging. It is quick and easy.

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Track Conversions

Measure how your marketing increases store traffic and revenue. In real-time.

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Manage Technology

Spend less time and money on technology and simplify support

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Targeted Marketing

Gather insight, create profiles and build targeted campaigns.

Determine customer visit frequency and value, location and brand loyalties and analyze changes in customer behavior over time.  The tool comes with preconfigured customer segmentation rules or you can create your own profiles. You can segment your customer base on visit history, location, demographics, purchases and interests. Because we consider data from an extensive network of locations, predictions are accurate, changes are quickly absorbed and your results improve over time.

Reach your customers with targeted in-store messaging and schedule personalized communications  before, during or after ad hoc or planned visits. All without requiring them to participate in a loyalty program. Just pick your target profiles, define rules and upload promotions.

Would you like to reach out a once loyal high value customer that suddenly stopped coming by? Troglo can do that for you, programatically. Question is, how would you do this today?

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Track Conversions

Track offline conversions and measure ROI of your local marketing.

Know the impact your in store marketing has on sales. You can track conversions based on calls to action or use device movements to track changes in customer loyalty or new visitor growth. All this is available by location, group, brand or customer profile. Our local marketing dashboard is easy to use and is configurable to provide you with the actionable analytics you need.

By comparing conversion analytics with point of sale data, you can even determine how changes in visit frequency  impact order size and same store or chain wide sales.

Until recently these tools were only available to eCommerce sites and BIG retail. Troglo provides them to you at the right price.

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Manage Technology

Get back to what matters.

Effective management of local WiFi technology takes time and budget. This is what Troglo does, 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Let us reduce your cost and save you time.

The Troglo device integrates and or can replace your local guest WiFi solution. We take care of ongoing management and monitoring of the system and even handle local store support. The result: fewer support issues and improved customer experience.

Depending on your requirements our service can include everything from local WiFi sensors and custom  landing pages to our cloud-based targeting platform integrated with centralized and in-store databases.

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Saucier Edition

Our entry level subscription
  • 24/7 managed WiFi portals
  • Local store promotions
  • Customer loyalty metrics
  • Basic dashboards and reports
  • Up to 10 locations or stores
  • Up to 3,000 impressions per location per month

Chef Edition

Sous-chef edition plus:
  • Track promotion redemption
  • Customer demographic and psychographic profiling
  • Retargeting on Facebook
  • External data and API support
  • Unlimited locations
  • Unlimited impressions per location per month

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