Automate in-store marketing

More than 40% of your daily visitors connect to WiFi, and if you are like us, you always have something to say to your customers. Leverage WiFi to connect with them as individuals. Troglo’s system is so easy to use you will get going in just a few minutes.


Post creation on a mac

  • Easy to create and manage content
  • Preview promotions as you are creating them
  • Target customers based on profile, location and loyalty
  • Schedule campaigns
  • Manage posts
  • Measure performance and bounce back rates


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Gain Customer Insight

Before connecting with customers in a meaningful way, you need to know something about them. Why not build insight about customers based on how they are using their mobile devices in your stores? Our algorithms build meaningful metrics so that you can grab opportunities and mitigate risk  as the appear. Because Troglo’s metrics are based on a large network of connected stores, even small to medium sized chains get the benefit of “big data”.


What could you do better or differently if you had access to actionable information about:

  • Total and unique visits
  • Overall customer loyalty
  • Average revisit or bounce back rates
  • Cross store visits
  • WiFi and Portal connects
  • Promotion views, click rates and bounce back rates?



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Manage technology

Free WiFi isn’t free, it is an IT-expense, regardless of your business size and scope. You need internet access and WiFi Access Points and you need to secure your own systems from hackers. And you may even need people and processes to support it. Free WiFi can be tricky to make work well, but you probably wnat to provide good customer experience, even if it is a free service. Let Troglo deal with WiFi so that you can get back to business.




Less than 1 in 5 customers complain over bad service and most of the time your staff on the floor don’t know much about how to make WiFi work reliably. Restaurants, bars and cafés can now turn to Troglo for:

  • Plug-and-play WiFi device (included with subscriptions)
  • 24/7 monitoring and support
  • Advance hardware replacement (if it breaks we ship a new one)
  • Customizable WiFi landing pages
  • Solution design and installation support
  • WiFi access control
  • Secure store WiFi for business applications


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